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As part of its premium auction service, Acuitus is committed to providing detailed market intelligence for investors. On this page you can find copies of our research reports, view video reports and see what’s making the news.


Acuitus collaborates with MSCI - the commercial property sector's leading research provider - to produce the Commercial Property Auction Data (cPad) Market Flash and the Retail Property Auction Index.

cPad combines the latest results from the auction room with IPD economic and property market analysis to provide a unique perspective on what is happening in the sector.

Using comprehensive auction data going back to 2003, the Retail Property Auction Index measures the capital value change of retail properties sold in the UK at auction. As the majority of assets flowing through commercial property auction rooms are retail-based, the index is an essential insight into this key driver of the market.

Finance Update

  • Lenders launch deals for short-term loans

    13 March 2017

    Acuitus Finance has been working with lenders to develop a new loan offer specifically for properties which have short-…read more »

Market Review March 2017
Market Review March 2017
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  • Catalogue launched for May auction 4.5.17

    4 May 2017

    The next Acuitus commercial property auction will offer 71 lots and will take place on Thursday, May 25th at 1pm. The …read more »

  • Investors hot on property as Acuitus sells £47.36m

    31 March 2017

    A packed room at the Acuitus March auction saw the sale of 74 lots for a total of £47.36m. On what was the hottest day…read more »

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